Badminton is a popular and successful sport at St Peter's College. The SPOC Badminton Club was established in 2004 and has seen a significant growth in both numbers and success.

The coveted Old Scholar Badminton Intercol was won by SPOC Badminton in 2008, the first ever win for the St Peter's Old Scholars in 35 years of Badminton Intercols.

Over the past few years the SPOC Badminton Club has increased its involvement in the coaching of current school boys.  We had an immediately successful impact, with a win in the 2008 Intercol, and in 2011 the St Peter's team won the inaugural interschool premiership.  We now have a well- established coaching session for school boys run in conjunction with the usual club night.

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Holiday Clinics

In 2013, SPOC began experimenting with a new event targeted at promoting the sport to school children. This was the first of hopefully many to come Badminton Holiday Training Clinics, featuring extremely experienced coaches, all who have played at a state level or higher.

Contact: Qi Ren (Kieren) Ong

Contact: Desmond Khoo